Children's creativity
Thinking about the future of their child, all parents make plans and want their children to grow up as geniuses. And, of course, all possible efforts are made to implement…

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The history of enamel art, as well as jewelry, has more than three thousand years of history. When and where did enameling first take place, i.e. colored glass in the…

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Artists of miracles
Despite the fact that we are all so different, and we live in different places, and speak different languages, and play different games, all over the world, at all times…

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combining the features


Savior of the world. Leonardo da Vinci. Sold at Christie’s for $ 450,000,000 The first fine arts market was captured by commissioner pioneer former Marine Officer James Christie Sr. Having arranged the first sale in 1766 in London, he soon already owned a room with a specially built auction room for him. Christie owed her heyday to the 1848 revolution, which marked the “era of great sales.” It is believed that it was Christie who turned the trade in antiques into art – the largest auctions of the 18th and 19th centuries were held here. And by the way, none other than James Christie himself acted as an intermediary in a deal to sell the collection of paintings by Sir Robert Walpole to the Russian Empress Catherine II. The purchased collection of works of art became the basis of the future Hermitage Museum.

Sotheby’s founder was book seller Samuel Baker, who held his first auction in London in 1744 and published the first book with a fixed price. In 1754, Baker opened a permanent auction house. For a century, Baker and his successors Continue reading

How to choose a picture in the house

In modern interior design, not only posters or art decorations, but also paintings are increasingly used.

Traditional oil painting is undergoing another revival. Despite the general availability of printed materials and fashion for printing “on canvas”, the real work of artists confidently takes place in the heart of people who value individuality and originality. It is no secret to anyone that it is real painting, in spite of the fame or the unknown of the author, that is authorial and unique. It is impossible to duplicate with 100% hit all the shades of paints and the texture of the strokes.

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Angelika Kaufman

Angelik Kaufman, a German artist of the 18th century can be safely put on a par with the most famous representatives of classicism. Now her name is not very well known to the general public, but at one time she was a very famous artist. “My portrait for one friend was made by an exceptional person, one German artist. She is very strong in portraits … Her name is Angelica Kaufmann,” the famous German historian, Winkelmann, spoke of her. Goethe admired her, Derzhavin dedicated odes to her:

The painter is glorious,
Kaufman, friend of the muses!
If your brush is influenced
Over liveliness, feeling, taste,
And writing off the Danes, the ancients
To us goddesses and red wives
Survive in its priceless
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Picasso Pablo
Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous creators of the XX century. His name becomes a synonym for a whole artistic direction, and his personality not only captivates people…


Graphics is a type of fine art. It can be divided into three types: - monumental - is closely connected with the architectural ensemble, for example, a poster (monumental printed…


What do false portraits lie to us?
When I read that, supposedly, Nicholas II or his wife, as well as someone else from the highest aristocracy have “degeneration features”, or “what all these princesses are scary,” I…


Monet Claude Oscar
Claude Oscar Monet was born in Paris on November 14, 1840. When the future artist was five years old, his family moved to the port city of Le Havre on…