Frescoes in the slough
World painting boasts an impressive history of fakes. Such things have happened at all times and in all countries. And one of the funniest hoaxes happened half a century ago…

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What do false portraits lie to us?
When I read that, supposedly, Nicholas II or his wife, as well as someone else from the highest aristocracy have “degeneration features”, or “what all these princesses are scary,” I…

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What was the “wildest” artist of the 20th century? To the 150th anniversary of Henri Matisse
Exactly 150 years ago, on the last day of 1869, one of the most extraordinary artists of the twentieth century - Henri Matisse was born. An artist whose painting now…

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The night Watch. About the most mysterious picture of Rembrandt

“Night Watch” is one of the most mysterious paintings in the world. Everyone knows that this is not a night landscape at all. It’s just that the picture has darkened, but in fact the action takes place during the day.

But why is it with this picture that Rembrandt began a black streak in life? What did he portray in her that everyone turned against him?

What kind of luminous girl is depicted among the musketeers? Why is an armed dwarf shooting directly at a crowd of shooters? .. There are very, very many questions.

Alas, Rembrandt left us nothing: no books, no explanations.

But if he kept a diary in which all the secrets were revealed … let’s imagine …

Rembrandt’s diary “My success and my curse”
Rembrandt Self Portrait

“A week ago, the son of Titus died. There is no hope of hugging him someday.

No, there is one loophole. I will write “The Prodigal Son.” After all, that father always had the hope of hugging his son. And one day he came back. Let everything squandered, but alive.

No, I will not sell the painting to anyone. Nobody will buy it anyway.

What am I doing wrong? Recall why everything went downhill? Oh yes, from this ill-fated “Speech of the rifle company of Captain France Bunning Coke and Lieutenant Willem van Reitenburg”!

Yes, yes, it was from this work that everything went wrong. How everything happily happened before her. And how bad everything went after her.

Before Night Watch, I was lucky. Well, I was a frisky kid in my youth. I did not sit idly by waiting for customers. If it was necessary, he could send a fake buyer to the auction. And how else to raise the prices of your paintings!

It was possible, of course, to cook up still lifes for bakers with butchers. But I wanted to match my wife. After all, the burgomaster’s daughter! She deserved a wealthy husband. Not only her inheritance live.

Therefore, I desperately needed to get to wealthy customers. So my fraud with auctions is excusable.

And so I waited. Dr. Tulp commissioned a group portrait. Oh, finally a worthy customer, president of the guild of surgeons!

It was necessary to create such a work to talk about it. Then the necessary contingent of customers will be tightened.

I thought, thought: how can I distinguish myself from countless artists? They are masters in technology, you can’t argue here. Well, how can I compete with the same Hals?

In technology, I can not surpass it. I do not want to write the 1000th group portrait. I need something like that! I want to be the first in something!

I reviewed dozens of such portraits. I went to the Account Chamber, where my predecessors portrayed countless surgeons. The same Keyser, quite not badly, wrote the “Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Edgerds” 12 years ago.

But I dimly understood that something was missing in all of these ports. Something is missing…

Here they are sitting and watching. Some on the viewer, some on the skeleton. Different people, but for some reason they are similar. Maybe because they are dressed almost the same? Lord, it’s good that these magnificent collars are out of fashion!

Ah, here it is! They are alike because …

they have the same facial expression! Where are the emotions? What are each of them thinking? Do not understand at all!

I will revive my customers. Let them be horrified, surprised, amazed. There is nothing to sit in a row of idols like blanks!

How proud I was when I created Dr. Tulp’s Anatomy Lesson!

After all, it is obvious that I surpassed Keyser!

Here she is glory! The audience was delighted with the portrait. Now there was no point in sending fake buyers to auctions. Customers already went.

And once the mayor of Amsterdam, Willem de Kock, came. We drank, discussed the order.

When he left, I jumped in delight. Mayor of Amsterdam! Yes, I’m lucky!

How wrong I was … it was the beginning of the end …

He was the captain of a rifle company that will guard the Spanish queen. Soon she will visit Amsterdam. Well, these guys deserve to be immortalized.

I willingly got to work. After all, it was necessary to pay such a heavy loan for the house. Each of the officers paid 100 guilders.

I now know what my feature is. No idols now! Playing cards let my rivals paint. And I will depict the captain convening his company to defend the city.

I will not flatter, like others: let them be real. A bit awkward, awkward, but alive. That’s just one of my so embarrassing that I almost got into a neighbor. Shot directly into the crowd!

Well, this will not be a real person, but an unknown dwarf. Nothing, they will survive.

But I have not finished work, how the misfortune happened …

Saskia, my beloved wife, became seriously ill. She died on a warm summer night. Our son Titus was only one year old.

I moved her body to the workshop. I could not help but perpetuate it for the last time. I painted Saskia’s luminous, kind face among a crowd of shooters.

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