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How to choose a picture in the house

In modern interior design, not only posters or art decorations, but also paintings are increasingly used.

Traditional oil painting is undergoing another revival. Despite the general availability of printed materials and fashion for printing “on canvas”, the real work of artists confidently takes place in the heart of people who value individuality and originality. It is no secret to anyone that it is real painting, in spite of the fame or the unknown of the author, that is authorial and unique. It is impossible to duplicate with 100% hit all the shades of paints and the texture of the strokes.

How to choose a picture for your interior?

Minimalist spaces love abstract art and large elements.

It is a large space, not burdened with decorative elements, that will well emphasize the depth of the composition and will not interfere with the complexity of perception of such a work. The main focus in this case is on colors and lines.

Large format work needs air. Such images are hung on the walls with the most favorable, wide viewing angle, making the picture the center of the whole composition of the room.

Remember the main thing, in order to appreciate the beauty of fine art, you need to place it so that it is clearly visible. Typically, paintings are hung just below or at eye level of a standing person.

Classic interiors come with realistic landscapes and still lifes.

Impressionism with its complex compositions and shades can also harmoniously fit into classic interiors as an accent.

For a traditional living room, a gallery of family portraits or works of modern impressionism is good. Buying a picture in the living room is much easier. The choice is not limited by scope. Landscapes, portraits, flowers, paintings in the animalistic and religious genre. Various kinds and compositions will be appropriate in this room.

Often in the living room are portraits of their ancestors or prominent people. Pay attention to the colors of the paintings, they can refresh the room, emphasize something, they should complement and decorate their location. It is important that the palette of work is harmoniously combined with the color scheme of the interior of the room.

Country style will be supported by rural landscapes, etc.

The cabinet is usually hung with “strict” paintings. Often you can see the mountains as a symbol of stability. Images of animals, birds, fish, butterflies and other insects are also a great theme for an office or library in a classic style.

For the interior of the kitchen, choose still lifes of flowers and fruits. They are the very embodiment of wealth. The atmosphere of this room should not be flashy. Eating and cooking is just as important a process as rest.

Pictures as an element of decor play an important role, creating the integrity of the image and the atmosphere of a cozy and habitable space. They fill the room with positive energy and calm, allow you to find peace of mind, relax.

Pictures on the wall are able to visually correct the imperfections of the room. The composition of the hanging paintings in the interior is directly affected by the geometry of the surrounding space. So, for example, paintings arranged vertically in a row can make the ceiling appear taller, but, on the contrary, hung horizontally – its width.

If the task is to make the narrow and long room seem shorter, it is enough to place one large and bright picture on its end wall.

For the office, choose paintings with a deep meaning and an abstract image. If the room is designed in a restrained style, the work of contemporary artists is perfect.

True connoisseurs of painting are advised to buy paintings for the office in the form of copies of paintings of the greatest creations. Baguette should emphasize the beauty of your chosen fine art.

The painting, painted by the artist, carries a certain emotional charge. If it is close to your state of mind, then it will certainly respond to it. Feel free to pass by the works that do not cause any feelings. If the picture is attractive, its colors inspire and cheer you up, it is worth taking a closer look at such a work. The name of the artist, in this case (if you are not a collector) does not matter.

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How to choose a picture in the house
In modern interior design, not only posters or art decorations, but also paintings are increasingly used. Traditional oil painting is undergoing another revival. Despite the general availability of printed materials…


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