The history of enamel art, as well as jewelry, has more than three thousand years of history. When and where did enameling first take place, i.e. colored glass in the…

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Aphrodite or Venus is the goddess of love. Her name has become synonymous with Love and Beauty, and to this day, artists embody in them their idea of ​​Beauty. In…

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The best way to understand the watercolor technique is to start with a seascape. Even if you do not have experience, it does not matter. There are ready-made solutions in…

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Surikova’s “Boyar Morozova: why is this a masterpiece?”

“Boyar Morozov” – a plot from Russian history. And this is an important point.

The tendency to bow before the whole western towards the end of the XIX century began to decline. For the first time in a long time, Russian people became interested in the forgotten past of their country.

This could not but affect art.

Dostoevsky in his novels discusses the spiritual path of the Russian man. In architecture, Russian romanticism flourishes. And Vasily Surikov writes Stenka Razin, Menshikov and Ermak. Continue reading

The night Watch. About the most mysterious picture of Rembrandt

“Night Watch” is one of the most mysterious paintings in the world. Everyone knows that this is not a night landscape at all. It’s just that the picture has darkened, but in fact the action takes place during the day.

But why is it with this picture that Rembrandt began a black streak in life? What did he portray in her that everyone turned against him?

What kind of luminous girl is depicted among the musketeers? Why is an armed dwarf shooting directly at a crowd of shooters? .. There are very, very many questions.

Alas, Rembrandt left us nothing: no books, no explanations.

But if he kept a diary in which all the secrets were revealed … let’s imagine … Continue reading

Art Evaluation Criteria

The term “art”, the definition of “art” can be attributed to a variety of objects – from prehistoric drawings on stones and ceramics to rubble household and industrial rubbish in art galleries. But although music, theater, ballet and literature are also referred to the field of art, most often this term implies visual art, and primarily painting.
For centuries, people have been trying to understand what art is. Artists and art historians fought and argued, holding various opinions. (The French artist Manet so diverged his views with one of the critics that he challenged him to a duel.) There are many controversial questions, but no, and there will never be any definite, intelligible answers. Everyone has their own tastes and opinions – and only you can choose what you like best.
For some, art should be, first of all, beautiful, for others – realistic, third more important is whether it conveys a mood or feeling. There are so many diverse paintings in the world: some differ in almost photographic accuracy, others are much more schematic, but they convey the mood very accurately … Continue reading

Graphics is a type of fine art. It can be divided into three types: - monumental - is closely connected with the architectural ensemble, for example, a poster (monumental printed…


The Parable of the Prodigal Son
For many centuries, the Bible has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, poets, and writers. Without claiming to be innovative, let us see how the three great artists…


Pictures of an Elusive World - Ukiyo-e
Identity is a key feature of Japanese ukiyo-e engravings. Having no analogies in the art of other countries of the Far East, this system formed the basis for the formation…


Angelika Kaufman
Angelik Kaufman, a German artist of the 18th century can be safely put on a par with the most famous representatives of classicism. Now her name is not very well…